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Even if the world is your oyster, you can still chip a tooth on its shell. While travel magazines feature exotic locales of breathtaking beauty, we expose sites so depressing that no traveler this side of Edgar Allan Poe would venture there without a tub-load of tranquilizers. Take Las Vegas (please) and the $5.99 all-you-can-eat buffet line at Sam’s Town. That's the world we explore at Don’t Even Go There.

On this site, we tell of places we’ve visited but wish we hadn’t. We reveal vacation plans gone awry and relate horror stories from the road best abandoned. These true stories reflect where we’ve chosen to go. We only have ourselves to blame. We rarely needed to exaggerate—the truth really is stranger than a Dan Brown novel.

Don’t Even Go There: travel tips for those of us who aren’t escorted by security guards, pampered by wealthy benefactors, or provided a generous per diem. This blog is for seasoned travelers and armchair tourists who want the real world first-hand and head-on, with all its drama, horror, and humor. You’ll laugh at us, cry with us, and decide to stay home more often.

22 October 2010

Quote of the Month

We absolutely loathe corniness. We believe corny jokes should be punishable by death . . . or at least a rail right out of town. And don’t get us started on puns. That said, we do on occasion veer dangerously close to the line between pun and hate. Hey, you’re here, so you might as well read the following quote. You know you want to.
“We’ve done a lot of hitchhiking in our day. We’ve hitched for short distances and long, multi-day stretches. But we always arrived in one piece and with one line: ‘We just hitchhiked in from [wherever], and boy are our thumbs tired.’ ”

–Mark Bloom & Jason Scholder (2010)

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